Swati Bhargava, Co-Founder CashKaro

Swati Bhargava is the Co-Founder of CashKaro & EarnKaro and a Fortune 40Under40 entrepreneur. She has contributed towards the growth of India’s ecommerce and where it stands today at the global front. Her brand CashKaro is India’s largest Cashback site and enjoys over 10Mn registered members. Swati and Rohan also launched EarnKaro, India’s first ever Social Cashback App which has 2 million+ registered users.


Growing up in a small town called Ambala, Swati was among the 35 students from all over India selected for a scholarship to study in Singapore, which was funded by the Government of Singapore after topping her state mathematics board examinations. The first in her town to achieve this feat, she completed her high school studies in Singapore and went on to The London School of Economics (LSE) for her bachelor’s. Swati presided over the biggest business society comprising of 3000 members during her time there. After graduating from LSE with an Honours degree, she started her professional journey in Goldman Sachs, London where she worked for five years in the Investment Banking division.




We at Casa Rozen got this precious opportunity to ask Swati some questions about her life, her style and her mantras. Here is the complete interview with the super talented and gorgeous, Swati Bhargava.


 1. As an entrepreneur, how do you strike work life balance? Your secret sauce.

I think the pandemic has taught us one thing that we used to overlook so often – taking time out for yourself. Having a good morning routine is very important. I personally take out time every day for myself in the mornings where I meditate, do yoga, and visualize how I want the day to go.

This helps me get charged up, mentally prepare for the day ahead and get things done quicker because I know what’s coming. In the evenings I make sure I am present with my family and engaging with them. This time helps me unwind and relax.


 2. When it comes to jewellery what is your style?

I love experimenting with my style and trying out new things. Accessories have helped me dress up so many of my looks during this work from home period. I often layer my outfits with necklaces, statement rings, or some fun earrings. From minimal to a little over the top, as long as a piece of jewellery is adding to the look, I don’t shy away from accessorizing. Lately, I’ve been loving gold-tone pieces with unique stones in them!


3. Within the handcrafted jewellery segment, (Thewa Art, Meenakari Art, Lac Art, etc.) which Indian art forms are your favourite and why?

I love Meenakari Art because of the craftsmanship that goes into making the pieces. I have deep appreciation for the way artists interpret old traditional practices to create beautiful pieces.

As I’ve said before, I love making a statement with my accessories and Meenakari helps me do just that.


 4. With the growing social media buzz, we have seen awareness and ease of communication, but we also see growing insecurity and panic, especially amongst the younger generation who want to look picture perfect. What is your take on this?

While social media is great for connecting with people, I think the growing body image issues arise because of one’s own insecurity that they must overcome. Everyone only shares the positives online, but that’s of course not the whole picture.

We must stop taking things at face value and instead of letting it drive our anxiety, support and hype one another on social media.

I started using social media a lot more during the pandemic and have built such a strong and positive community. I did this through simply being myself, supporting my friends and fellow women entrepreneurs, and even failing at a trend or two to get where I am! Not a lot of people know that I used to be insecure about my curls but now I fully embrace them. I think everyone, especially the younger generation needs to realize that you are unique and enough, and that you can’t fit into a standard because neither beauty nor your personality is ‘one size fits all’.




 5. 3 words you would use to describe Casa Rozen Jewelry?

Unique, chic, and compelling.


6. What is your life mantra?

I once heard this quote by Rumi – “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour.” And this is exactly what I follow. Visualising is a big part of my day and incorporating it into my routine has transformed my days. It helps me stay focused on the goals I set for myself. Even if some days are harder than others, it helps me remember why I started in the first place.


7. How has the pandemic changed your life?

Ever since I left to complete A levels from Singapore in 1999, I have been out of the house. Singapore helped me get to The London School of Economics, which led me to Goldman Sachs and then the rest is history. The pandemic anchored me to my home, and I will cherish this time forever.

I got to spend so much time with my family and Rohan (Husband and Co-Founder). When we were in the office, Rohan and I used to do our own things and only get the end of the day to really sit down and talk. But because of work from home, I’ve been introduced to a new side of Rohan which has helped me understand him better.

It also taught me many lessons about prioritizing my health, the importance of having a good morning routine, and to be grateful for the life I am living.




 8. A message you would like to give to everyone would be?

I think everyone should embrace their style. Whether you love monochrome or are gaga over some colour, don’t be afraid to express yourselves through your style. As long as you’re confident, you can pull anything off!