Meenakari Art Work Handcrafted Jewellery by Casa Rozen

At Casa Rozen we bring you Meenakari Art Work Jewellery with beautiful Meenakari enamelled earrings, neckpieces, jewellery sets etc. which adds a pop of colour to your outfit. Casa Rozen Jewellery has some exquisite pieces with beautiful shades of pastels as well as dark pigmented colours.

Meenakari Art has a history. It is a Persian art of colouring the surface of metals by fusing brilliant colours together. It was first brought to India, in city Varanasi by Persian enamellists around early 17th century during the Mughal era . Mina is the feminine form of “Minoo” in Persian, it means heaven. Mina refers to the azure colour of heaven. When you explore the Meenakari Handcrafted Jewellery Pieces on Casa Rozen, you will see the vibrant enamels come to life on beautiful carved pieces with flowers, elephants , and many many more designs.

It was introduced in Rajasthan by Raja Mansingh of Amer, this Persian craft was originally used to create designs on the back of traditional Polki jewellery. However, as the craft flourished under Mughal patronage, it became a design of its own, and led to something called reversible jewellery.

How this Art work is performed at our units where Casa Rozen Jewellery is brought to life by these artisans ?

The procedure of Meenakari Art Jewellery Making

One of the most complex crafts, the process of Meenakari remains the same as it was 500 years ago! Even today, a Meenakari artefact goes through the same assembly line of craftsmen as it used to go through hundreds of years ago.

1. The process starts with the designer (naquash)

2. Then the piece goes to the goldsmith (sonar) for plating

3. It is then passed on to the engraver (kalamkar) who engraves the design

4. Then the piece is sent to enamelist (meenakar) who then applies the colour

5. The artefact then goes to the polisher (ghotnawala)

6. Then it is sent the stone-setter (jadia)

7. Finally it goes to the stringer (patua) for the final touches.

8. Last step is that it comes from workshop to Casa Rozen Unit where we do a Quality Check for each piece before we put it in our collection. Once approved the jewellery pieces are sent to be produced as copies of the master piece and again step 8 is repeated.

 Casa Rozen Jewellery


Tools used for Meenakari Art Jewellery Making and Designing

This intricate art form uses very basic tools like salai (an etching tool), mortar and pestle, kiln, metal palette, kalam (tool used to apply enamel), forceps, brass dye, small scrubbing brush, takala (a needle like tool to apply colours), agate stone for polishing and smoothing.

Three different forms of Meenakari Art are as follows :

When you explore Casa Rozen Jewellery pieces you will see all three art forms.

1. Ek Rang Khula Meena: Only the gold outlines are exposed and the single transparent colour is used to cover the whole engraved area.

2. Gulabi Meena: Inspired by the pink blush of roses, pink is the dominant colour in this form of the art. Varanasi is famous for its Gulabi Meena work

3. Panch Rangi Meena: In this form, five colours, namely, green, light blue, dark blue, white and red, are used.

Kundan Meena jewellery was flaunted by Royals. It’s an amalgam of a jewelry style and art form which was incorporated together to give a special touch of freshness to a jewelry form. The jewelry pieces are usually a combination of two different arts which when placed together are two pieces fixing together to give a whole new pattern. A truly indigenous jewelry making craft, Meenakari has been in great demand with various experiments and different forms of the same. So, enchanted with the exquisite craftsmanship of the art, the jewelry piece says a story of its own, keeping an eye of perfection, a piece is well made from a glory that says about its culture.

If you are looking for exclusive pieces in Meenakari Art Handcrafted Jewellery, earrings, neckpieces, jewellery sets then you should visit Casa Rozen Website.

At Casa Rozen we have more than 500+ designs that encompasses various art forms such as Meenakari Art Jewellery, Thewa Art Jewellery, Semi Precious Stones Jewellery , Lac Art Work Jewellery , Kundan Jewellery. German Silver Jewellery, American Diamond Jewellery etc.

We have beautiful colourful designs of earrings, jewellery perfect for party wear as well as casual occasions. Jhumkas, Chand Balis , Maang tikas, Jewellery Sets etc. all enamelled with beautiful colours. Choose from a variety of designs available in our Collection. 

What clothes should you pair Meenakari Art Jewellery with ?

This art form has vibrant colours and big bold pieces, we also have delicate Jhumkis but usually this jewellery is paired with traditional and contemporary fusion outfits like a Salwar Kurta, A Saree or a Lehenga Choli. However, trends are changing and today we see that these jewellery pieces are paired with western outfits too, example a beautiful crop top jeans and some pop of colour with this jewellery. It is all about how well you mix and match. On white or light coloured outfits with earthy tones this gives a pop of colour. 

If you want to take any help in purchasing jewellery then you can get in touch with our Support team on WhatsApp : +91-9116789619

Wear beautiful pieces and let your uniqueness shine through your style.

Love and Light



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