Kundan Jewellery by Casa Rozen

Even though your outfit undoubtedly tops the trending list, jewellery is and will always remain the second most important facet of a woman's demeanor. Jewellery was and is considered auspicious. Moreover, jewellery enhances the entire look like nothing can. Whether it is a wedding, engagement, a bride or a bridesmaid, Jewellery is that cherry on the cake that changes the game.

We can see this that over the years, jewellery and especially bridal jewellery has evolved a lot . In olden days, brides would mostly opt for traditional and heirloom jewellery. The millennial brides have a wide range of options to select matching pieces with their outfit. They can make a choice from the traditional heirloom troves or they can also go for something more modern and edgy. This distinction is important as jewellery has a lot of significance on your ensemble and your entire look , making it imperative to choose it very very carefully. We at Casa Rozen bring you The Royale Collection and The Indian Tradition Collection with exclusive range of magnificent jewellery for the perfect millennial jewellery for brides, bridesmaids, occasions such as engagement, wedding, pooja etc. where traditional dresses are worn and thus beautiful traditional Indian Jewellery becomes a must have.

Kundan jewellery is a very popular type of Indian gemstone jewellery that is desired by most women. Kundan is worn in weddings and special occasions, KUNDAN KESHRI, as it is also known, showcases an amazing, elaborate form of art. It involves carefully setting polished precious or semi-precious stones, and uncut diamonds called POLKI. The stones are set with a gold foil that sits between them and their mount. The name kundan means refined gold, which refers to the pure molten gold foil used as a mount for the gems.


The process of making kundan jewellery is an elaborate process and even very very skilled craftsmen may need several days to complete a single kundan necklace. It’s not the job of just one artisan and so there are usually a lot of artisans involved in the entire process, working on the various aspects of kundankari, to complete the whole process.
Steps for Kundankari Process :

1. The first step in the process is called Ghaat, which is the skeletal framework of the piece.
2. Paadh is the second step where the wax is poured into the frame and moulded as per the design
3. The third step is called the Khudai, where the stones and diamonds are fit into the piece.
4. Fourth step is Meenakari which consists of enameling to add detail to the design
5. Fifth step is where gold foils are cold soldered and burnishing is done to hold the gems in the Pakai procedure.
6. Final step is where the gems are polished by a technique called Chillai, and the item is ready.

Kundan is said to be brought to India by the Mughals and remains one of the oldest art forms in the jewellery space. While it dates back thousands of years, its origins can be traced to North India, mainly Delhi. It was popularized by the Mughals, and was widely seen in the royal courts in their era. Afterwards it flourished in Rajputana Kingdom in Rajasthan as well. Although originally jewellery designs were made in gold, now it is made with Silver and other alloys as well. The best Kundan Jewellery in India is found in Rajasthan, with cities like Jaipur, Bikaner and Nathdwara being the main centres for kundan jewellery.

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