How to Select Earrings That Suits Your Face Shape

When You Buy Fashion, Semi Precious, Costume or Imitation Jewellery Online and if it is about Earrings then how can you pick designs that suit your face shape ?

We all have different choices when it comes to earrings that we want to purchase and wear. When it comes to buying fashion or costume jewellery online , we have way more choices than Gold or Silver Jewellery designs. It also depends on the occasion we are choosing the earring for example party, casual wear or some specific occasions like wedding ceremonies. It also depends on the place we want to wear it for example office etc.

But there is one more criteria that must consider before buying earring designs and that is shape of our face. though this gives us a slight idea of what shapes and sizes we can select as per our face shape but we should not limit our choices and ourselves from trying new designs and also trying big bold designs that are different and exclusive. So face shape can be one more factor that you can take into account while shopping earrings.

Types of Face Shapes :

1. Diamond Shape

2. Square Shape

3. Round Shape

4. Oval shape

5. Heart Shape

1. Oval Shape Face

Oval Shape faces has a forehead that is not too broad an d the line from forehead blends with the high cheekbones. the face narrows down to around chin and women with Oval Face are the luckiest ones. You can wear almost any style of earrings you wish. They have incredible versatility and you can pick any shape and size of earrings. Have fun experimenting !!!


2. Round Shape Face

Round faces are broader at cheekbones and narrower on the jawline and forehead. the face takes overall circular form. Dangling or tear drop earrings bst suit this face shape. Earrings with long build and which are sleek are best for you. They help give an optical illusion of elongation and looks good on the face shape.


3. Square Shape Face

This shape does not narrow much from cheekbone to forehead or to jawline. The width of your cheekbone jawline and forehead will be almost the same. Round design are your best pick if you have square shape. Oversized hoop earrings or earrings with round soft edges are great choices because they bring attention to your earrings and help soften your face's natural angles.


4. Heart Shape faces

Heart shape faces have wider forehead than your cheekbones and it further narrows down on the chin. Earrings that are broader at the bottom go well with the diamond shape faces. Teardrop earrings that become broader downwards suit this face shape the best. 


5. Diamond Shape Face

Excellent cheekbones are a sign of a diamond shaped face.The forehead and chin are narrower than cheekbones. earrings that are broader and not longer goes better with this shape of face.










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The last extra face shape is Narrow Face Shape

6. Narrow Shape Face

Narrow face's most specific characteristic is its length. The faces has same general shape as square face but it is more elongated. Short Dangles with volume,e are best suited for Narrow face. Dangling Earrings with elongated curves will accentuate the cheekbones and add softness.


So these are the six different face shapes and the types of earrings that you can choose considering what your face type is and what suits it best.

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