Gifting Ideas by Casa Rozen : Beautiful Gifts For Special Ones In your Life

Casa Rozen brings you beautiful gifts for special ones in your life. The love for our special ones is limitless but to make some special moments turn into forever lasting memories, gifts are a way to express your love for them and to bring them happiness and joy. Casa Rozen Jewellery has some beautiful gifting options in jewellery which includes earrings, neckpieces, pendants, chokers , bracelets etc. packed in premium handcrafted wooden gift boxes for various occasions like Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts and gifts for many other special occasions. in this article we will share some gifting ideas and also how we at Casa Rozen make it special for you.





While you are selecting gifts for your special ones you can consider the following points before you explore our collection and shop that perfect gift for the special one in your life.

1. What Kind of Jewellery They Prefer ?

The above question has following options that you should consider while you are selecting for the loved ones

Part Wear Jewelry vs Casual Wear Jewelry which means you have to know what occasion you want them to gift for, or what kind of occasions they usually prefer wearing jewellery, do they wear jewellery only in parties or they also wear it on casual days. You can go to the link above and explore both the collections.


Indian Traditional Jewelry Designs vs Western Style Contemporary Jewelry Designs . What is there style, do they wear/prefer wearing more of Traditional jewellery because they wear traditional clothes such as saree, lehengas, kurta etc. or do they prefer wearing more of western style clothing so then you can opt for seeing designs that have western style and are best suited for modern lifestyle attires.


Wedding / Engagement Jewellery as Gift :  You must check our Royale Collection if you re gifting someone for their wedding and engagement. Each piece has Lac Art work, Real Kundan Work and Semi Precious Onyx Stones , each piece handcrafted by artisans just for you. Also in this segment we are open to any customisations you want with colour of stones or even design changes. 


Handcrafted Sand Painting Wooden Boxes

At Casa Rozen we bring you sand painting art, handcrafted wooden boxes with beautiful art works to choose from. Some of the designs are on the link here : Gift Box Shop


Bulk Customised Gifting Orders

Casa Rozen brings you custom gifting bulk order options where you can order gifts, giveaways where you can select the jewellery pieces/designs of earrings/ neckpieces / brooches and you can select customised gift box designs with it, with name print etc. custom done on it and we will be happy to craft it for you. We can do customised jewellery pieces with alphabets, full names in chains etc. semi precious stone maalas gifted to guests during marriage functions etc.The time period for bulk custom orders is 25 days + 5 business days in shipping it for delivery to your location in India and 25 days + shipping time for orders abroad depending on the location, but we can make it faster depending on the order requirements . For bulk order enquiries please contact on 9116789619 or write to us on

Customized Bulk Gift Options include following ideas

1. Semi precious Stones Necklace Maalas for both Men and Women which are usually given as an auspicious gift during marriage ceremonies to all the guests.

2. Single Alphabet Pendants with chain for gifting on various occasions

3. Full Name Pendants with chain for gift purpose on various occasions

4. Brooch with many vivacious designs for both men and women.


Corporate Gift ideas

We also do corporate gifts, both small quantities and even bulk corporate orders. Packed in handcrafted wooden boxes we can do customised logo embossing and custom design prints for all the corporate needs. 

Some of the ideas of Corporate Gifting we have are

1. Brooch with unique designs for both men and women

2. Pendants with single alphabet and chain for both men and women

3. Pendants with full name and chain for both men and women

4. Semi Precious Stone maalas or bracelets.

The bestsellers for corporate gifting in jewellery are brooches.


Wedding Gift ideas For Guests In Wedding 

If you have a wedding and you want to delight your guests with some amazing gift options then you must consider the Wedding Gift Options Casa Rozen brings you

Two of our bestsellers when it comes to wedding gifts are following :

1. Semi Precious Stones Maalas ( necklace ) in different colours for both men and women, example we choose green for men and ruby pink for women which they can beautifully pair with Sherwani Dress in men and Lehenga and Kurta Dresses in Women. This is also considered to be an auspicious gift of Shagun which is given to guests in Indian Weddings. We can do customised designs and colours in stones. WhatsApp us on 9116789619 or email us on and we can do customised gifts for you.

2. The second option is Brooches. We have vivacious designs when it comes to brooches both for women and men and the best thing about brooches is that you can pair them well with most attires, be it a saree , a lehengas, a sherwani, a blazer or even a kurta. 


So these are all the gifting ideas for various occasions. Please drop us a WhatsApp message on +91- 9116789619 or email us on and we will assist you with your enquiries.



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